Lions Bay Volunteer Search & Rescue Team


Lions Bay Search and Rescue Society operates under the umbrella of the Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC). Our team provides wilderness and urban search and rescue services, primarily in the area from Horseshoe Bay to Porteau Cove. Lions Bay Search and Rescue also assists search and rescue teams in nearby regions as well as participating in disaster relief efforts across the province.

Our team members are dedicated volunteers who are on call 24 hours a day and are trained and equipped to respond in any weather conditions. To ensure a prompt response to any calls for assistance our members carry pagers with them at all times. Searches can range from urban calls to look for missing adults or children, to wilderness searches involving specialized high angle rope equipment and techniques. Each search is directed by experienced search managers with a goal of finding missing persons and extracting them safely and as quickly as possible.

Our team members are all highly skilled in urban and wilderness search techniques. In addition to a mandatory basic training course, our members attend weekly training sessions to ensure skills are kept up to date. Specialized weekend courses put on by the Justice Institute help members to develop specialized search and rescue skills and techniques.

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