In Memory of Sheilah Sweatman

Friday June 29th marks the first anniversary of the swift water call on the Goat River near Creston, BC that claimed the life of our colleague Sheilah Sweatman.

Sheilah’s team members will be gathering in Nelson to honor her memory on Friday afternoon.

We are reminded that our efforts to help others could command sacrifices that go far beyond the commitment we make to be prepared to respond to calls for assistance. Sheilah’s sacrifice is testament to that reality.

At this time we also reaffirm the sympathy we have extended to the Sweatman family, to Sheilah’s teammates, and to ourselves for this loss. Each and every member of the BC Search & Rescue Association is requested to observe a moment of silence at 1630 hours on Friday, June 29, 2012 to remember our friend and colleague.

Don R. Bindon, President
BC SAR Association