Injured hiker rescued from St Mark’s

August 21, 2015 – Around 15:00 hours Lions Bay SAR was activated by the British Columbia Ambulance Service. A call had been placed to 911 for a hiker on the Howe Sound Crest Trail who had taken a fall and injured their leg to the point of not being able to bear any weight on it.

Three teams were readied for the response. One responded to Cypress Bowl in order to access the subject over land. Another team was dispatched to the airport to initiate a Rapid Air Response, the third team was staged at Lions Bay to provide logistical support.

After a quick survey by the RAR team from the air, it was deemed that a long line rescue would be needed due to the thick trees in the area around the subject. North Shore Rescue were called in for mutual aid in order to perform the long line rescue.

The subjects was evacuated shortly before 17:00 to Cypress Bowl, where a waiting ambulance brought them to the hospital.