Mountain Rescue of Two Distressed hikers from a steep slope on the West Lion

At 2200h on July 25th 2013 Squamish RCMP activated Lions Bay Search and Rescue for a 911 call placed by a party of hikers located near the foot of the West Lion, their original number was thought to be 3 and location uncertain due to some conflicting information. The subjects relayed that they were on loose steep rock and were afraid to proceed. The subjects did the right thing by staying put and calling for help. Language barriers made communication difficult. It was later learned that one of the hikers had taken a short fall and suffered non life threatening injuries and that there were only 2 members in the party.

2 teams were dispatched from the Klatt emergency services building just after 2300h. The first team of 4, a hasty team, was assigned to access the distrissed hikers and render first aid and stabilise them. The second team of 4 was a gear hauling team, tasked with bringing rope rescue equipment in the event a technical mountain rescue extraction was needed.

Around 4am the first team reached the subjects and stabilised them, the second team was close behind. After a thourough checking over and a bit of encoragement the two subjects were placed in harnesses and put on ropes and moved to safer terrain where they were subsequently picked up with a helicopter performing a hover entry at first light.

Another job well done by the dedicated men and women of the Lions Bay Search and Rescue team.