Sasamat Lake Search

On August 6th a 21 year old with special needs was found after spending 2 nights lost in the woods near Sasamat Lake in Belcarra Park.

Lions Bay SAR was called in to assist with the search as were many other teams from the region. As is often the case with searches of this size, data modeling and computer assisted searching strategies were used to increase the probability of finding the subject.

The images below show that the subject was found within the probability distance circles between the 50% and 75% probability distances.


The blue search areas are generally downhill from the initial point-last-seen sighting by the lake, while the yellow areas are generally uphill from this location.


What is not shown on these images are the GPS and satellite tracks that were collected from searchers as they were in the field.

The images were generated from screen shots of Incident Commander Pro.