Search and Rescue of Lost Hiker in Harvey Creek

At 16:00 on Monday the 5th of August 2013 the Lions Bay Search and Rescue team was activated through a convoluted series of communications through several agencies including EComm, and the RCMP for a lost hiker near the Lions Trail.

Part of the team responded directly to Vancouver airport South terminal to board a Talon Air Helicopter. The subject was located with some difficulty as the location was very unusual and cell phone communication with the subject although possible was difficult. The subject’s phone could only reach 911, which demanded call patching by Ecomm to the SAR team. The communication relay permitted the subject’s location to be determined exactly with the aid of the helicopter.

The subject was on a steep slope in dense vegetation. The helicopter landed so that the initial team was able to disembark and hike to the subject and perform an assessment. The subject was dehydrated and starting to get cold. With the aid of a back up team the subject was brought down to a landing zone from which they were extracted and brought to the field at the School.

Another job well done by the men and women of the Lions Bay Search and Rescue Team.